dickie virgin Domination Guide

Low-res Samples are from video 'Suck Every Toe Jimmy'. All our Clips are high def, full screen, Format. If Clips do not open, right click & save to hard drive first.

Mommy has very tired and aching feet. She grabs her phone and calls jimmy who is visiting one of his buddies. She orders jimmy to come home, NOW, and
worship her feet. While she is waiting for jimmy… she does some very HOT high heel dangling. It's mesmerizing to watch. in the meantime, jimmy races
home and presents himself to M0mmy. M0mmy is angered because he walked into her presence instead of crawling in like she had trained him. His
punishment will come later. Right now she needs her feet attended to. She orders him to remove most of his clothing and to get busy
worshiping her feet. He sucks, licks and worships her feet while the camera catches every hot angle.