Videos are streaming slowly or download links do not work, what should I do?

This is a hard one to address because the problem could vary from you IP to your computer, a problem with our server, or many other things in between.  Typically if nothing is playing for you then the problem is likely on your end, if it's a specific clip, or gallery that has a problem it probably is something on this side.  Sometimes the easiest solution is to contact customer service for your computer or video player, and you can generally google that information, and tell them what the problem is.  Otherwise contact us at and make sure you have a clear 'Subject line' indicating the problem and as many details as possible in your message so we can clearly determine what the problem is.  If your subject line is in CAPITAL letters that helps too (something like: VIDEO DOES NOT PLAY, ETC.).  As for the body of the message, if it reads something like 'nothing works' it is not going to be of much use to us in offering support, so indicate your operating system, what video player you use, what exactly happens when you click on a link, is there an error report, and so on.  The more info the easier it is for our tech support to help you.  If you leave the subject line blank you can almost guarantee no reply because it is likely filtered into the trash bin along with all the spam we receive.

A tip for streaming that I use myself, is to start a stream, then click the little arrow on the bottom left (where it shows the elapsed time) to stop the clip, from playing, but to allow it to load at the same time.  If you let it load for even 30 seconds or so, you can then click the same little play arrow (not the big one in the center of the clip) to resume playing and typically it will stream without any problems until the end.  You always have the download option too, if you prefer!  We are upgrading the server in February, 2013 with a dedicated stream option which should insure constant streaming from start to finish.