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August 13, 2018 – Uh yes, the Blog!  It's been a hectic summer, the weather has been hot and dry so I've been to the beach a lot and getting together with friends and family, along with some travelling.  I personally have not shot a lot recently but am back at it next week.  This weekend me and J

June 6, 2018 – it’s always fun hearing back from slaves who went straight or retired...

Over the years, Club Stiletto has had many special party nights, and next month is shaping up to be a classic that I'm already excited about!  In addition to Myself, that amazing duo –

Here we are into a new year and I see I have not done a blog post in some time...

I’m going to level with you.

Hello. I am heading to New Orleans this week (October 5-6) and packing my ass off.  What to bring, what to bring!  My BFF Miss Jasmine and I will be visiting DOMCON 2017 and we are very excited.

Hi there.  Well summer is coming to an end, but after a week of smoke from all the forest fires and then some rain, it’s shaping up to be a nice week for outdoor activities once again.  In fact, I might have to take my best ponyboy for a long ride on the mountain paths.

Hello bitches! I’m just relaxing today.

Greetings from beautiful Vancouver! I started my week with a smile. How about you?  A fan from Australia is visiting Vancouver for the month and I met him recently for a session.

As you can imagine, this beautiful weather has had me outdoors every single day.  I’ve been enjoying pony rides around the property, editing and answering emails on the deck.

Yes, it has been a record long time since I checked in here with an update.  It's been a brutal winter here in Vancouver and finally we are being blessed with some summer like heat.  I was actually lying in the sun and thinking I should do a blog update.  So hopefully it's a long hot summer and I

What a crazy winter this year here in Vancouver, after no snow for three years!  Now that our snow storms have passed, I’m booking travel dates across Canada.