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I’m going to level with you.

Hello. I am heading to New Orleans this week (October 5-6) and packing my ass off.  What to bring, what to bring!  My BFF Miss Jasmine and I will be visiting DOMCON 2017 and we are very excited. Besides the whips, strapons, ropes, bondage gear, sounding toys, and dildos, we are sure to have latex and other sexy attire in tow.  There are many socials to attend of course, so I'll be packing heavy, lol, and we even have a few session openings if you want to live the dream of submitting to the two of us. 

Hi there.  Well summer is coming to an end, but after a week of smoke from all the forest fires and then some rain, it’s shaping up to be a nice week for outdoor activities once again.  In fact, I might have to take my best ponyboy for a long ride on the mountain paths.

Hello bitches! I’m just relaxing today. After a few cloudy and cooler days, the sun is back and I’m sitting on the deck getting some rays and catching up on emails.  First, some big news – we’re in the process of getting the site redone!  Hopefully within the next week or so we’ll have a new logo and a new look while also trying to make some of the features more user friendly.  If you have any suggestions, now’s the time to send them my way.

Greetings from beautiful Vancouver! I started my week with a smile. How about you?  A fan from Australia is visiting Vancouver for the month and I met him recently for a session. My slut arrived directly from the airport and literally laid at my feet, devouring them despite no sleep to get to me. His fetishes were wide open which gave me free reign to have some fun. He’s a bit camera shy so I didn’t film.  Boooo; maybe another time.  Still, he was a large, heavily tattooed man and he was all mine.

As you can imagine, this beautiful weather has had me outdoors every single day.  I’ve been enjoying pony rides around the property, editing and answering emails on the deck. Today, however, the weather took a turn for the worse and since I promised more updates, I thought this would be an ideal time.  As for that summer weather, it’s sure to return.  I always enjoy filming in the woods near the house or  just sipping on a cold beverage while the slaves pull my weeds. I hate weeds! I gave the latest guy a tiny fork and spoon and that bitch will be out there all summer, lol!

Yes, it has been a record long time since I checked in here with an update.  It's been a brutal winter here in Vancouver and finally we are being blessed with some summer like heat.  I was actually lying in the sun and thinking I should do a blog update.  So hopefully it's a long hot summer and I will be here on a more regular basis.  Even the slaves have been happy to get outside and work in the yard and in some cases take me for nice pony rides in the trails right behind the house. 

What a crazy winter this year here in Vancouver, after no snow for three years!  Now that our snow storms have passed, I’m booking travel dates across Canada.  I’ve had a lot of requests so maybe I'll see you if you happen to be in Edmonton (late April), Calgary (late May), or Toronto (June).

Hello sluts! Well, it finally happened... a request so painful I had to share it with you. I’m grinning as I write this. Just the other day I had a session with a slave I so dearly named Pin Cushion. He had written to ask if I would be so cruel as to kick him in the balls brutally until he collapsed. My pulse quickened. I LOVE pain sluts! Especially CBT!! He also asked if I would skewer his testicles through and through right afterwards. He would supply the 40 gauge needles because he had big balls. LOL!

To help bring in the New Year, I thought I would share just a few of the wonderful messages we received this past year.

Seasons Greetings and seasons beatings... I hope.  Are you one of those guys whose sexual desires are stronger than normal at this time of year?  There are few times of the year that are busier or more stressful for many than Christmas and I guess it's natural the thought of complete surrender rises to the surface for the subs amongst us.  Imagine just being pulled away from it all and being held as my captive until Xmas is over.  No need to think just do as you're told and if you don't you get beaten... and if you do you get beaten. 

I had a dream about your cock last night.  It had been about a week since I ordered you into chastity and you were begging me to release you.  Your little prick was straining against its device and it was getting hard (well, hard for you).  You were in severe pain.  Your foreskin was raw and you were leaking nasty slave juice all over the floor of your cage.  I had no sympathy whatsoever because you are nothing more than my pet...