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What a crazy winter this year here in Vancouver, after no snow for three years!  Now that our snow storms have passed, I’m booking travel dates across Canada.  I’ve had a lot of requests so maybe I'll see you if you happen to be in Edmonton (late April), Calgary (late May), or Toronto (June).

Hello sluts! Well, it finally happened... a request so painful I had to share it with you. I’m grinning as I write this. Just the other day I had a session with a slave I so dearly named Pin Cushion. He had written to ask if I would be so cruel as to kick him in the balls brutally until he collapsed. My pulse quickened. I LOVE pain sluts! Especially CBT!! He also asked if I would skewer his testicles through and through right afterwards. He would supply the 40 gauge needles because he had big balls. LOL!

To help bring in the New Year, I thought I would share just a few of the wonderful messages we received this past year.

Seasons Greetings and seasons beatings... I hope.  Are you one of those guys whose sexual desires are stronger than normal at this time of year?  There are few times of the year that are busier or more stressful for many than Christmas and I guess it's natural the thought of complete surrender rises to the surface for the subs amongst us.  Imagine just being pulled away from it all and being held as my captive until Xmas is over.  No need to think just do as you're told and if you don't you get beaten... and if you do you get beaten. 

I had a dream about your cock last night.  It had been about a week since I ordered you into chastity and you were begging me to release you.  Your little prick was straining against its device and it was getting hard (well, hard for you).  You were in severe pain.  Your foreskin was raw and you were leaking nasty slave juice all over the floor of your cage.  I had no sympathy whatsoever because you are nothing more than my pet...

As you can imagine, I get a lot of requests.  Everything from “I want to be your 24/7 slave with no limits and locked away in your dungeon” to “I have no money but can I do something to help your cause?”, and everything in between.  The reality is, I don't really have a use for all the guys who want to be full-time slaves, and most wouldn't do it anyway if push came to shove.  Short of opening up a sweatshop, these sorts of requests pretty much go unanswered, especially if it's someone I’ve never heard from before and especially if they aren't a site member.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian slaves and no matter where you are I hope that you remember to give thanks to that special woman or women you give your svbm1ssion t, today or any day.  As a Dominatrix, I can tell you I spend a lot of time dealing with losers who think mainly of themselves and not enough about others, especially the Superior Female.

I went to my doctor’s office today.  It was the usual routine exam.  I undressed, laid back on the table, and waited in a white, sterile room.  It was cold, but I wasn’t nervous; just bored.  While I waited, I started thinking of My medical sessions. How does a sub feel waiting in My medical room?  Is it cold?  It should be!  Is it sterile?  Hell yes; I cannot stand slut germs!  Is the exam typical?  By typical, do the words painful, erotic, and sweaty come to mind?  What exactly goes through a sub’s mind anyway?

It's pissing rain outside and after a soak in the hot tub I figured I had better get to writing something here because it has been awhile.  July and August just flew by in a blur and while it wasn't the greatest summer as far as weather goes it didn't stop us from having a lot of fun.  The homestead was busy as I had Lady Bellatrix, a friend of mine from the UK over, as well as Princess Jemma was here from Quebec.  With others coming and going, Dommes and slaves, the 4600 square foot ho

Well it's summer and you bitches may be suffering without more frequent news updates (content updates have and will continue as normal) but I know you take comfort in the fact that it is summer and Mistress Kandy is having the time of her life...

I've had an eye on a near mansion up the mountain from my current place, for a while, and it's now happening.  We are in the process of relocating, have had new furniture moved in, traditional and kink, and am in the process of tricking out three rooms in the house for pure kink.  We are shooting every day next week to break in the new place but it will be a few weeks until everything is set up the way we want it.  My backyard is the forest so I hope to do more outdoor stuff again, including toilet, pony, bondage and more, as well. 

There's nothing more special than the time I spend alone with my boy johnny.  Today he was reminded that he does as I say or daddy learns everything.  What would daddy think knowing his own boy is licking M'mmy's ass, smelling her farts and going over her knee for an old fashioned bare handed spanking.  Why was johnny spanked?  Because I saw him checking out girls at the Mall.  That makes Mimi very VERY angry.  Johnny should be thinking of no one but Mimi.  Those young tramps only want to take advantage of johnny, but Mimi is thinking about what's best for him.  Johnny might be a bit on the